This hybrid program is designed to educate and empower Community Health Workers (CHWs) to promote health and wellbeing and advocate for individual and community needs. The curriculum is based on the roles and competencies outlined by The C3 Project.

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Learn about what a Community Health Worker is, their roles, skills, and qualities, and why they are so important to community health and well-being. This is a sample of the self-paced modules included in this training program.

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Resources available

40-hour online CHW Core Competency Training Program

Includes self-paced modules, assigned homework, and virtual live sessions.

Additional CHW Resources

Includes CHW COVID-19 module, COVID-19 Vaccine module, and 11 CHW Chronic Conditions Modules. All of these additional resources are available in English and Spanish.

Since this online training program is web based, it can be used on any device that is capable of running a modern web browser and meeting the following prerequisites:

Screen Resolution of At Least 1024 x 768

Broadband Internet Connection
(DSL, Cable, T1, etc)

JavaScript and Cookies Must be Enabled

Audio and Video (camera) capabilities

Modern Web Browser
(Edge, Chrome; including on Android 4.4 or later, Firefox, Safari; including on iOS 10 or later)

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